Power Pallet Trucks – A Smart Decision

By Karl Malden

Power pallet trucks are electromotor powered pallet trucks designed for the safe and ease transportation of loaded pallets. Power pallet trucks unite the power of electric pallet trucks with the ease maneuverability of hand pallet trucks.

A typical power pallet truck is walk-behind (pedestrian), but operator-ridden models are also in use. While the capacity of a typical power pallet truck somewhat remains behind the push-type and hydraulic pallet trucks of the same size, in most work environments these costs are compensated by ease of handling, high mobility and increased safety.

Power pallet trucks are made of galvanized or stainless steel, or may even be coated with zinc in order to prevent corrosion and prolonged moisture damage. The major issue however that they are meant to solve is not much as about unfriendly environment but lack of space. This is why in many cases they are synonyms for mobile pallet truck. Powered pallet trucks are ideal for work environments with limited space for navigation, and where pallet truck safety and the strength of employees are of concern.

Modern self powered pallet trucks come with an impressive list of safety features unobtrusively build in their design as a result of many years of development, including the famous dead-man’s brake and belly safety reverse button to prevent any kind of accidents.

Power pallet trucks belong to the class of low lift pallet trucks and may require some easy training for safe operation. But the time and cost of training is much lower then in case of high lift pallet trucks (which are basically combinations of regular hand pallet trucks and scissor lifts). Training packages are available both on DVD or VHS.

A brief list of things you should take into consideration before deciding on power pallet trucks:

– charge weight capacity

– type and weight of materials to be moved (including their shape)

– room for navigation versus mobility (turning radius, blind corners, maneuverability)

– floor surface

– possible vicinity of non-trained persons during operation

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